Juan Blu. 1994 Aranjuez, Madrid.

Theriomorphism is the leitmotiv that serves as the basis for my artistic work, specifically based on the figure of the cat and different symbols. I explore, combine and transform everything which fascinates me or I find interesting to research through a festive, colorful spirit, thus establishing my own surrealist feline imaginary. The cat symbolizes how attractive and enigmatic nature is.

My creative process is based on playing and formal experimentation. I give new meanings to the pre-existing images and symbols with my game and absolute colours. My style performs the traditional academic sculpture’s technical quality with freshness. Harmony and proportion in forms are very important for me, just as luminosity which fills my work with positivity, giving place to a personal universe influenced by the naïf, the critical, mythology, classicism or urban art… for the moment.

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